The Top 10 Full Irish Breakfasts In Dublin Right Now

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Written by Eadaoin Fitzmaurice | Lovin Dublin

Is there anything better than the Irish staple meal that is the full Irish breakfast?

This day and age, going out for breakie can often result in fancy poached eggs or a smoothie bowl – which are fab of course, but for some reason I always find myself going back to a tasty fry up.

Here’s some of the best in our fair city:

1. Gerry’s Coffee Shop – Montague Street

Gerry’s is the mecca of Irish breakfasts.

Their sausages are the buis.

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2. Farmer Browns – Rathmines
Farmer Browns makes the crispiest streaky bacon around.

What I also love is that they serve a poached egg rather than a fried one.

Add their thick cut bread to the mix and you’re onto a winner.

3. Bay – Clontarf
Their mushrooms are a force to be reckoned with.

4. Matt The Rashers – Kimmage
If you’re into a meaty plate, this is the place for you.

You can get five kinds of meat on your plate along with some killer hash browns.

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5. Woodstock – Phibsborough
Load up your plate with whatever you like – it’s like a pick’n’mix but so much better.

6. Gourmet Food Parlour – Swords
Oh the fry, fry baby please don’t let me goooo

This is the good stuff.

7. The Hairy Lemon
The classic.

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.


8. Five Points – Harolds Cross
This trendy café in Harolds Cross is such an amazing spot for breakfast.

There’s always such a good vibe in here, the staff are sound as f*ck and the food is delish!


9. O’ Neills Pub – Suffolk Street
This pub is over 300 years old and even though you might associate it with a traditional pint of the black stuff, their fry up is definitely worth popping in for.

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10. Taste – South William
Get in my belly.

A breakfast of champions.


Feeling hungry?

7 Cosy Dublin Cafés To Snuggle Up In When You’re Dodging The Cold This Winter

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Written by Eadaoin Fitzmaurice | Lovin Dublin

You’d be SHOCKED at how few cafés in Dublin have comfy, cosy seating.

Think about it…

Most places have stools at the window, perhaps a few metals or thin wooden chairs scattered around the place but there’s rarely couches or booths.

This is bizarre to me.

Whenever I think of having a coffee or a hot chocolate, I immediately see myself sinking into a plush seat, not a rickety, hard chair.

I get that light chairs are handy for summer and easy to move around but during winter this kind of shit just won’t cut it for me.

If you’re like me and you’re craving a snuggly retreat, I got you.

These places know exactly what’s up.

1. Accents

Accents are probably the most popular tea and coffee lounge in the city centre. It was created as an alcohol-free venue where people could chill out and socialise.

The venue is kitted out with an array of couches and armchairs and caters for groups who wish to sit around and chat, big or small, as well as individuals who just want to enjoy their own company in peace. There’s even a bookshelf for when you really need a break away from reality.

2. The Fumbally

This hipster café is often a bustling place. If you’re lucky however, and you get in before the droves, there’s a few snug couches at the very back.

This is a deadly spot for cold winter days.

3. Pot Bellied Pig

The prettiest, pinkest booths you’ll see in Dublin city.

The Pot Bellied Pig is a favourite amongst the Lovin crew, especially because it’s super close to our brand new office.

They serve some of the best coffee around and the staff are great craic – a winner tbh.

4. The Doghouse

Where else would you find a café with actual beds in it?

This place is a dream come true in winter, nab yourself a seat beside the blazing open fireplace or get your hands on their hot water bottles. Subtly lit with fairy lights, candles, all sorts of lanterns and dreamy decor, it’s hard not to love.

Best of all – it’s DOG FRIENDLY!

5. Nutbutter

This healthy café looks more like a trendy living room than an eatery.

There are stunning wicker-hanging chairs to sink into on lazy mornings and couches ideal for tea and chit chatter.

6. Ladurée

Arguably one of the prettiest cafés in Dublin.

Every detail is thought out to a tee, pretty china cups and saucers, silver teapots and monogrammed napkins not to mention the best hot chocolate we’ve ever tried.

The store imports Valrhona chocolate, premium French chocolate, and mixes it with nothing more than cream, milk sugar and water and even more chocolate. This makes the thick, chocolatey richness that is a Laudurée hot chocolate and we promise you, you won’t have tried anything like it.

Winter warmer goals.

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7. The Westbury

A luxurious space where you can cosy up and watch the world go by.

Warm up those frozen fingers beside their open fire.

The tea here is superb.

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Colder weather calls for warmer experiences

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Notification for ICOT College Students Ireland

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Nota aos alunos ICOT College na Irlanda

Informamos a todos que Bruno César Barbosa Bonfim não faz parte do quadro de funcionários da escola e não é nosso colaborador de parcerias comerciais. Por esse motivo, torna-se fraudulenta qualquer negociação feita por intermédio dele ou de qualquer outra pessoa em nome da ICOT College que não faça parte de nosso quadro de funcionários vigente e de parceiros comerciais vigentes.
Pedimos a todos que entrem em contato diretamente com nossa equipe em caso de dúvidas através do número de telefone +353 (1) 558 3093 ou do e-mail

ICOT College Ireland


Notification for ICOT College Students Ireland

We are writing to inform that Bruno César Barbosa Bonfim is not part of our staff team or has any commercial association with ICOT College.

For this reason, any negotiation on behalf of ICOT College made through him, or any other person who is not part of our existing staff and business partners is fraudulent.

We ask all of you to contact our team directly in case of any doubts by calling +353 (1) 558 3093 or

ICOT College Ireland

Quanto você pode gastar nos primeiros meses

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O planejamento para o embarque, chegada na Irlanda e primeiros meses é sempre rodeada de muitas dúvidas.

Para ajudar no seu planejamento financeiro, com bastante atenção e comprometimento nossa, nossa agente de marketing, Nathalia Lins, fez uma simulação para você ter uma noção melhor dos valores de despesas fixas gastas nos primeiros meses de estadia ao chegar na Ilha Esmeralda!


  • Primeiro Aluguel: de € 280 a € 450/mês
    Depende do número de pessoas totais, valor considerando dividir o quarto
  • Depósito (também conhecido como caução): € 280 à € 450 – normalmente é o valor do aluguel
    Você receberá de volta quando sair do apartamento (ou casa) pelo responsável do mesmo ou a pessoa que for entrar no seu lugar pagará este valor a você
  • Itens básicos para moradia: € 50
    Travesseiro, edredom, lençóis, etc
  • A conta de energia é a cada dois meses
  • TV + Internet (mínimo 50MB): € 11 a € 15/mês
    Também depende do número de pessoas no apartamento
  • Alimentação: € 100 a € 150/mês
    (este valor é bem relativo, quanto menos se comer na rua, menos se gasta)

Total de gastos: entre € 721 a € 1015*

*Estimativa de custos baseados em pesquisas realizadas no mês ano de 2018. Sujeito a mudança sem aviso prévio.

Ressaltando que a média mensal vai ser menor nos próximos meses porque não terá o depósito, logo seus gastos mensais devem girar em torno de € 431 a € 575 euros.



  • Aluguel: € 280 a € 350/mês
  • Energia: € 40 a € 60 
    Depende da estação-inverno/verão – valor considerado para 2 meses
  • TV + Internet: € 11 a € 15/mês
  • Alimentação:  € 100 a € 150/mês
    Considerando uma boa compra por semana

Total de gastos: entre € 431 a € 675*

*Estimativa de custos baseados em pesquisas realizadas no mês ano de 2018. Sujeito a mudança sem aviso prévio.

Não esqueça, os valores acima são uma estimativa, uma média, uma vez que, os gastos variam de pessoa para pessoa, há quem gaste menos e há quem gaste mais. Esses gastos não incluem baladas, viagens, gastos com telefone, compras de roupa e outras coisas.

É claro que também existem outras despesas, confira alguns exemplos:

  • Combo no Mc Donald’s:  € 5 (Student Meal)
  • Pint de Guinness: A partir de € 4/unid
  • Caixa de cerveja (20uni): A partir de € 15
  • Cigarro: A partir de € 8/pacote
  • Coca Cola: A partir de € 2 (1,75 litros)/unid
  • Nutella: A partir de € 2.69/unid
  • Academia:  A partir de €28 mensal (as vezes dependendo da academia consegue um bom plano anual)

Outra dica é não converter o euro para real, lembrem sempre que a moeda daqui é euro, e os valores são sempre baseados na vida europeia.

A Irlanda está entre os 5 melhores salários mínimo na união Europeia € 9.55/hora. Lembrando que com o visto de estudante você terá permissão de trabalho de 20 horas semanais.

No período de 15 de dezembro a 15 de janeiro ou nos meses de junho até setembro, caso você esteja de férias da sua escola, terá a permissão de trabalho de 40 horas semanais.

A simulação acima foi considerando os valores regioonais de Dublin. 

Caso você queira saber mais, entre em contato conosco!



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IRP (Irish residence Permit) is a card that shows a piece of information about you. The person needs this cards when is a non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss citizen, be aged 16 or older, and is going to stay more than 90 days in Ireland.



The Card includes:


If you are going to study English, your expiration date for the IRP is 8 months.

An IRP costs €300 per person every time you register and renew. You may also have to pay for a new IRP if your current card is lost or stolen.

What do you need?

Step 1 – Look at your documentation:

An English Student speeding more than 90 days in Ireland needs to have all the documentation to get the IRP. So here is what you need:

  • An English Student studying more than 90 days in Ireland needs to have all the documentation to get the IRP.  So here is what you need:
  • A valid Passport
  • 3000 euro proved thought statement
  • Heath insurance
  • School Letter (full-time Course)
  • 300 euro – The price that you have to pay to get the card

Step 2 – Book your appointment:

Two years ago students had to spend hours in a queue outside the immigration until they could get the visa. Nowadays, the process is so much easy, and you need to book an appointment only and bring your documents, no more hours outside waiting its necessary.

Here is the link to get your IRP Appointment:

Dublin Address: 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin, D02 XK70

Step 3 –  What do you need to bring on the day of the appointment?

  • Be there on time – on the website they say for you to arrive 10 minutes before.
  • Don’t forget to print the appointment and bring with you – At the reception, you have to show it.
  • Be careful with the category of your visa, if it’s the wrong one your appointment can be cancelled.
  • Check your documents; please make sure that you show them everything correctly.

That’s it. I hope that you enjoy our tips and ICOT team wish you good luck in your process!

Please, let us know your questions leaving a comment 🙂

Welcome to Dublin

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Dublin provides a friendly, vibrant and charming environment where you can study, work and have fun. There are many reasons to live in Ireland. With over 38.000 students within the region, Ireland has become a perfect place to develop new social skills, enjoy the Irish life and it is one of the biggest spots to find a job. Indeed, its economy has been growing faster than the US and China and has the fastest growing rate in the whole EU. The economists even predict that the economy will continue to grow between 3% – 4% annually.

 Most of the worlds’ top brands and corporations are based in Ireland with such leading companies as Facebook, Apple, Linkedin, Airbnb and Paypal basing their European headquarters in Dublin.

This country has an amazing people, cultured scenario, incredible landscapes and a very famous variety of beers in the world!!!

Finding a spot to hang out is not hard in Dublin but let’s talk about the ones you must see!!

Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the biggest and the oldest Colleges in Ireland. It is famous for their commitment to tradition and its famous graduates. There is a big open space in college campus which is always filled with thousands of people! During the summer, the green areas of college are occupied by tourists and students who enjoy sunny days!

yes, that’s not a joke it can happen that the sun shows up here.


#Tips = Don’t miss a visit to the famous Trinity College Library. It’s the largest library in Ireland and the permanent Home to the famous “Book of Kells”.

The Guinness Storehouse


If you know someone who has never heard about Guinness (which is unlikely) the Guinness Storehouse is the place you have to take them!  You must visit it either if you like the famous beer that Irish call “The Black Stuff” or if you are curious about the 250 years history that made Guinness as famous as it is today.


One hint, if you want to see Dublin from the top, Guinness Storehouse is the place you have to go.


St Stephen’s Green Park

St Stephens Green is a park with over 3.5km of pathways accessible for users. It’s a perfect place in the city centre if you just want to relax for few minutes. Facilities include public toilets, playground, garden for the visually impaired. Just to remind: St. Stephen’s Green closes according to daylight hours.



#Tips: If it’s a lovely weather bring your sandwich and enjoy your lunch in the park. Great for picnic and sunset too!


Grafton Street


Does everyone like to have a place to go shopping, right? Here in Dublin, this place is Grafton Street. With lovely stores and the great atmosphere, it is the perfect place if you want to check out new products.

#tips: Normally stores close at 7 pm. So if you need to buy something get there early!


Temple Bar

Temple Bar is located in the city centre of Dublin. It is famous for being a cultural place in Dublin with a number of different organisations, artists and creative professionals based in the area. It is well known for the lovely nightlife and it attracts a number of tourists with its large variety of restaurants, clubs and pubs.

#tips: Don’t forget to check out the famous meal deals. In Dublin, it’s famous to have meal deals of food + drink at an affordable price. Deals such as Beer + Pizza for €10 euro are found in pubs like Temple Bar.

I hope that by reading this you can enjoy it at least a small bit and have an idea how is to live or visit here.

These are some information about Dublin.

If you have some other tips or places to go please let us know through the comment section!

We want to hear from those who followed the tips if you thought it was worth it, also if you have anything else to share, make yourself at home! Just leave a comment.