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전통적이고 매우 환영하는 도시인 Cork는 아일랜드 문화에 대한 진정한 몰입 경험을 제공합니다.

'나는 여기 ICOT에서 환상적인 친구들을 사귀 었습니다. 선생님들은 놀랍고 고무적이었습니다.
I highly recommend!” Geunho Bae, South Korea”Renewing at ICOT was nothing less than proof of my full satisfaction with the college.”Wagner Marinho, Brazil“I love the nature and diverse culture of Ireland. Therefore I chose Ireland for language education. Thanks ICOT College foe everything. They were always with me.”Serhat Baydemir, Turkey“I had all the support from ICOT with accommodation, tips to book my Gnib and CV consultation to help me with my first job interviews.”Liliane Nery Martins, Brazil“ICOT was a great bridge to my dream coming true.”Lincoln Alves, Brazil“What interested me most was the goodwill, and support offered, I came to Ireland without fear, because I knew that they would have my back.”Jessica Teixeira, Brazil

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Download our Brochure Dublin & Cork

Download our Brochure Dublin & Cork