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Dublin provides a friendly, vibrant and charming environment where you can study, work and have fun. There are many reasons to live in Ireland. With over 38.000 students within the region, Ireland has become a perfect place to develop new social skills, enjoy the Irish life and it is one of the biggest spots to find a job. Indeed, its economy has been growing faster than the US and China and has the fastest growing rate in the whole EU. The economists even predict that the economy will continue to grow between 3% – 4% annually.

Most of the worlds’ top brands and corporations are based in Ireland with such leading companies as Facebook, Apple, Linkedin, Airbnb and Paypal basing their European headquarters in Dublin.

This country has an amazing people, cultured scenario, incredible landscapes and a very famous variety of beers in the world!!!

Finding a spot to hang out is not hard in Dublin but let’s talk about the ones you must see!!

Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the biggest and the oldest Colleges in Ireland. It is famous for their commitment to tradition and its famous graduates. There is a big open space in college campus which is always filled with thousands of people! During the summer, the green areas of college are occupied by tourists and students who enjoy sunny days!

yes, that’s not a joke it can happen that the sun shows up here.


#Tips = Don’t miss a visit to the famous Trinity College Library. It’s the largest library in Ireland and the permanent Home to the famous “Book of Kells”.

The Guinness Storehouse


If you know someone who has never heard about Guinness (which is unlikely) the Guinness Storehouse is the place you have to take them! You must visit it either if you like the famous beer that Irish call “The Black Stuff” or if you are curious about the 250 years history that made Guinness as famous as it is today.


One hint, if you want to see Dublin from the top, Guinness Storehouse is the place you have to go.


St Stephen’s Green Park

St Stephens Green is a park with over 3.5km of pathways accessible for users. It’s a perfect place in the city centre if you just want to relax for few minutes. Facilities include public toilets, playground, garden for the visually impaired. Just to remind: St. Stephen’s Green closes according to daylight hours.



#Tips: If it’s a lovely weather bring your sandwich and enjoy your lunch in the park. Great for picnic and sunset too!


Grafton Street


Does everyone like to have a place to go shopping, right? Here in Dublin, this place is Grafton Street. With lovely stores and the great atmosphere, it is the perfect place if you want to check out new products.

#tips: Normally stores close at 7 pm. So if you need to buy something get there early!


Temple Bar

Temple Bar is located in the city centre of Dublin. It is famous for being a cultural place in Dublin with a number of different organisations, artists and creative professionals based in the area. It is well known for the lovely nightlife and it attracts a number of tourists with its large variety of restaurants, clubs and pubs.

#tips: Don’t forget to check out the famous meal deals. In Dublin, it’s famous to have meal deals of food + drink at an affordable price. Deals such as Beer + Pizza for €10 euro are found in pubs like Temple Bar.

I hope that by reading this you can enjoy it at least a small bit and have an idea how is to live or visit here.

These are some information about Dublin.

If you have some other tips or places to go please let us know through the comment section!

We want to hear from those who followed the tips if you thought it was worth it, also if you have anything else to share, make yourself at home! Just leave a comment.



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