The best English course for you

Studying English abroad can be one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences you can decide to have.

If you are thinking of coming to Ireland to learn or improve English, you probably have lots of questions. It’s not easy to know which kind, of course, you should choose, what city you should study and so on. We hope to answer some of your questions here.

What is your English Level?

There are different kinds of courses and a new student has to know which one is going to suit him/her better. Before arriving in Ireland a person can do an English test online that will evaluate their level. It is very important to ensure that the school offers classes at all levels of English. There are some schools which have difficulties in providing classes at all language levels. There should be five class levels at all times (A1 Elementary; A2 Pre-Intermediate; B1 Intermediate; B2 Upper Intermediate; C1 Advanced). A sufficient number of places at those class levels should be available at all times.

General Classes

A General English course is the most popular one. Normally, students that did not learn English before or have a low level of English choose this course. During the classes a student would be mainly focusing on developing four skills such as; reading, speaking, listening and writing.

Business English

If the student has a goal to improve English language for ‘business purposes’, then they have to adapt the vocabulary for a business environment. The content of such classes would be devoted to general business terminology, whereas the communication skills would relate to different ways of communicating with each other in the workplace. For example, if you want to improve Presentation skills, Meeting skills and Negotiation skills, this is the best course for you.



IELTS it’s an English test that is required when a student wants to apply for a course in college or would like to have a certificate of his level of English. This course is for students who have already a good level of English.

Football Exchange

If you love playing football and you want to do this while you are studying English, the best option is the football exchange program. Nowadays, international clubs are able to systematically hire players and coaches fromdifferent countries, especially in Ireland (it’s just beside England). For this reason, you are able to study English and have an opportunity to play for clubs at all levels while your stay in Ireland. The coach is going to find the right level for each player’s development. They can also provide all support to those athletes who present exceptional talent.

Well, what are some options for English Schools Programmes?

Keep in mind that those are the most popular options and you have to find the course that suits your goals.

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