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All enrolled ICOT College students can download our free app which is makes communicating with us and accessing important information as easy a pressing a button! You can check your attendance from anywhere, request letters, get more information about our courses, find out about important dates and much more.

Important Dates

Keeping track of your attendance is essential for your permission to remain in Ireland and having 85% attendance or higher is a requirement for all visa renewals. With the ICOT app you can check anywhere and anytime!

Request Form

With the app, you can easily get in touch with the school’s administration staff to request letters and end of course certificates or to ask any questions and to give us any feedback you may have.

Important Dates

Remember to check for important dates and events so you will always know what’s happening at ICOT! You can use the app to check out our extracurricular activities.


Are you looking for something in particular? In the Services area, you will be able to find more information about our accommodation, health insurance, Learner Protection policy, and payment process!

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