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Heath Insurance: It is a requirement of the study visa for non-EU students to take out private health insurance. For non-EU students who do not have current Health Insurance arrangements in place, ICOT will arrange student medical cover with Academy Plus. These policies cover emergency medical expenses, emergency travel and repatriation expenses, and are compliant with the applicable visa regulations.

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Our aim is to make you feel at home in Ireland. Your accommodation is an extremely important part of your whole experience. The different locations where we accommodate students are all close to public transport, shopping centres, supermarkets and banks. With ICOT College you can rest assured that we will provide you with quality accommodation that best suits your needs

Host Family

There is nothing like being exposed to natural language in real situations to help you develop your English. If you choose to stay with a host family, you will have an opportunity to hear and to use English in real social situations every day and be exposed to examples of natural English that you will not be exposed to in the classroom setting. You will pick up expressions, slang, and idiomatic language that you will not find in any course book and learn the nuances of language that can only be learned from frequent, authentic interactions with native speakers.

Student Accommodation

One of the best things about student accommodation is the social opportunities that this living arrangement gives you and the friendships you will build. While you will certainly form lasting friendships with your classmates, you will always form stronger bonds with those you live with as you share meals and discuss the day’s classes in your student accommodation.


Hostels offer high-quality accommodation at a low price. The ICOT College partner hostels are in the heart of Dublin City. The City Centre and the Temple Bar area, famous for the lively pubs, restaurants and cultural events, are within an easy walking distance of our hostels.

Alternative Accommodation

There are many rental properties available in the areas surrounding the ICOT College units. There are a number of useful websites you can use to look for alternative accommodation. Below is a list of the best ones:


ICOT College, also offers our students arriving in Ireland for the first time the option of booking a transfer from the airport to your accommodation. Upon arrival, a member of the ICOT team will you lead you from the airport to your accommodation safely and comfortably.

Vivere a Dublino può essere un'avventura straordinaria! Esplora di più!

Una città tradizionale e molto accogliente, Cork ti dà una vera esperienza immersiva nella cultura irlandese.

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