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ICOT College is an English School with campuses in Dublin and Cork, Ireland with over 10 years of substantial experience. Our experience and expertise has enabled us to successfully merge the school process and student experience to facilitate the active participation of the students inside and outside the classroom.

We work tirelessly to make sure that the quality of our services is constantly improving. Because we know that each student is different, we adapt to each new student and their life experience. We are more than just an English school, we are here to help you achieve you dreams.

Facing a new culture can be a challenge, but how you meet this challenge and indeed with whom, can completely change the destiny of your life.


It is the educational policy of ICOT College to aid, guide and support all of our language students towards a focused approach to improving your overall level of competency of the English language.

At ICOT College, we take a mixed methods approach to language instruction while adhering to the principals Communicative Language Teaching which aims to present students with real world language and to create authentic situations for students to use this language. Language is for using, not just for learning, and we strive to help our students to develop not only academically, but to enable you to communicate effectively in a wide variety of social situations by maximising the language immersion experience both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our Mission

Our mission at ICOT is to provide the highest quality of teaching by employing up to date methodology and to provide our students with the best possible cultural experience in order to lead our students to personal growth and academic development.

  • Ensuring the well-being of our students while providing a unique learning experience.

  • Offering the highest quality education

  • Innovation

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certifications protect and guarantee quality to our students

This cover is intended to meet the needs of non-EEA students traveling to Ireland in the event of accident or illness. It also intended to meet the needs of students attending educational institutions that are not financially supported by the Irish state where there is a legal obligation to hold this insurance in the event that the institution closes due to financial difficulties or its accreditation is withdrawn and you are unable to finish your course.

TIE  has been designed for all students over the age of 18 of all abilities and motivations following either long or short courses in language schools or other educational institutions. TIE is a learner-centred exam which is flexible, i.e., designed to recognise and accommodate the needs and interests of each learner whatever their level of English, age, cultural or educational background. The test is task-based with the content chosen by each individual learner and can therefore be used to assess learners based on their own strengths.

The Progressive College Network is a newly formed organisation to meet the demand for an alternate representative body for the private college community in Ireland, which tries to promote Ireland as a high quality education destination. ICOT is a member of this organisation.

The fact that a provider and courses are listed on the <strong>ILEP</strong> means that in accordance with Ireland’s student immigration policy, attendance at that college in respect of one of their listed full time courses on the ILEP is an eligible purpose for  non-European nationals coming to Ireland. The ILEP does not guarantee the quality of the institution but if a provider is listed on the ILEP in respect of courses they will have met certain criteria including the mandatory provision of learner protection in respect of enrolled non-European students.

Ireland is a network for professionals involved in all aspects of English Language Teaching that promotes learning, development and best practice through the sharing of knowledge and experiences. The purpose of ELT ireland is to establish a network of teachers, supervisors, managers and researchers who are committed to improving teaching in English as a Foreign or Second Language in Ireland.

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