Irish expressions that you should learn if you’re planning to come to Ireland

When you live in another country it’s important to not only learn the language they speak there but also learn expressions and slangs that they’ll use to talk to you. Learning specif words that Irish people use will help you to communicate better with them. We’ve selected some good ones below.

“What’s the craic?”

What’s up?

“It’s grand”

It’s fine



“The jacks”

If you arrive in Ireland and want to go to the bathroom don’t use the word “restroom”, usually Irish people either call it “the toilet,” or even more commonly “the jacks.”

“Awful good”

In Ireland awful can also mean very as in “the weather was awful good”


In Ireland, chips are crisps and French fries are chips. Try to not mess it up. 

“Happy out”

Just means “happy,” but for some reason, Irish people feel the need to add “out.” It’s usually used in the present.

“A jumper”

Sweaters, or pullovers, are called jumpers in Ireland.

“The fear”

The fear is what you will have the morning after a long night full of pints. It’s usually called hungover but some Irish people call it “the fear”. 

“A whale of a time”

A really good time

“Will you have a mineral?”

Will you have a soft drink?

“Sure look it”

Commonly used and fits in after any sentence meaning we’ll carry on or get on with things

“I will yea”

This can be very confusing. “I will yea” means “I definitely won’t,” it’s just an easier way of saying it. Sounds weird but funny, doesn’t it?

“I’m gonna head on”

It means you’re going to leave, and if you say “head” simply means “go.” 

Hope you enjoyed it and keep practising!


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