10 things to do at home during the Easter Break! ⠀

Due to the annual Easter break we won’t have online classes from Friday 2nd to 9th of April.

Usually that’s the time of the year when language students plan trips away, but because of the current lockdown restrictions it won’t be possible. We wrote a list of 10 things you can do at home to enjoy the time off! We hope you like it and if you can think about something else, feel free to write it in the comments section 😉 

– Organize your playlists 🎧 ⠀⠀
– Make chocolate fondue with all the chocolate from the Easter eggs 🍫 🤤 ⠀
– Organize all your notes and papers 📝 ⠀
– Make a fancy cocktail at home 🍸
– Take some time to choose and order a book online 📖 ⠀
– Bake cookies 🍪 ⠀
– Select old photos to print 🏞️ ⠀
– Watch a classic movie you’ve never seen 🎬 🍿 ⠀
– Cook a special dinner (or order food from a nice takeaway restaurant) 🍴✨ ⠀
– Go through your 2021 goals to check how it is going so far 👀 ⠀

How about picking at least 3 activities from the list above?  🤓 ⠀

Take this time to learn something new, to improve your skills or even to get to know yourself better.  We know it hasn’t been easy lately, but we hope things get better soon! ⠀

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