ICOT Admission Criteria

It is necessary to complete and sign the registration form (application form and refund policy) to activate the enrolment of a student. In case of payment by instalments, the total cost for the program must be fully paid within sixty (60) days before departure from the Contractor’s country of residence.

Applications with a time period of less than sixty (60) days before the program start must be paid in full upon completion of the registration form.

It is the student’s responsibility to attend the colllege to receive directions and the course schedule. Lessons and activities lost for personal reasons will not be reset. With some exceptions, the college will be closed on holidays, with no classes on these days. The course attendance certificate will only be issued by the school for students who attend the minimum required number of classes (85%) of the program and take the mandatory end-of-course exam.

The student understands that an end-of-exam is mandatory and is a condition of his/her visa. The student agrees to take this exam at a time and date given by ICOT College. The student will register the college for the exam and keep the student at all times.

A student who enrols in specific program courses (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge, among others), must have a minimum of intermediate English level. If the student does not have the appropriate English level, he/she shall first do a General English course, until they reach the stipulated level to continue the subsequent course.

If the course is a technical course, purchased for a period exceeding six months, the student may not take official school holidays during the first six months under any circumstances.

The student is responsible for fully reading the course quotation and confirming the approval of it. After signing the registration form, it is understood that the student is in full agreement with the school’s terms and conditions, as well as third party services’ terms and conditions.

ICOT College shall not take responsibility in the event of visa refusal or refused entry of the student into Ireland by local authorities. Any fees charged by the immigration department are also the responsibility of the student.

The student agrees to comply with all laws, bylaws, rules, regulations and codes of conduct of the Republic of Ireland.

The student commits to deliver the necessary documents in a timely manner as stipulated by the college sixty (60), days before departure) leaving the student fully responsible for any overheads, if there is not enough time to get the visa.

The student adheres fully to all regulations set out by the Irish Immigration Department and the student accepts full responsibility for the accuracy and content of the documents presented to receive a visa. The student understands that visa approval is on an individual basis and the immigration officer may request additional documentation during the interview process, which it is the responsibility of the student to provide.

ICOT College shall bear no responsibility for any and all problems, loss or damage resulting from events of force majeure. By registering to participate in any program offered by the college, the student implies acceptance of all the above conditions.

The student declares that he/she has read and understands the information and conditions described in this document.

Upon arrival in the school and prior to commencing class, the student must pay a compulsory €40 registration fee. This fee is non-negotiable and non-transferable. Part of this payment goes towards book purchase/rental and is treated as a deposit. The deposit is redeemable in accordance with the terms and conditions to be signed by the student when receiving their course book.