ICOT External Exams

It is mandatory to every student visa that the student takes an external exam at the end of each course. ICOT College will register students for TIE (Test of Interactive English) and the student agrees to prepare for and take the exam on the date specified by the Director of Studies. Examination rules will be emailed to the student on the month of the exam. Students have to pay a fee of €120 for their exams, which should be paid within 3 months of course commencement.

In certain circumstances it may be necessary for students to take TIE in the TIE examination centre on Leeson Street. In this event, directions will be provided with plenty of notice. In all other cases TIE will be held on the school premises.

Students may also opt to take FCE (First Certificate English) or CAE (Certificate of Advanced English) instead of TIE, but this preference must be communicated to the Director of Studies in good time. Students opt for FCE or CAE will be charged an additional fee of €75. Failure to attend the exam for which a student has been registered will result in a fine of €150 to facilitate rebooking.