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ICOT College offers a wide range of educational programmes and opportunities to empower its students and enhance their competences, which are the keys to the success. At ICOT, our dedicated staff aims to make the student transition from home to Dublin as smooth as possible and is committed to ensure that students maximize not only their academic potential, but also enjoy the experience from both a cultural and social point of view.
ICOT’s central location in the city centre allows students to benefit of the widest variety of accommodation, restaurants, cinemas, museums, art galleries, theatres, shops, sport clubs and nightclubs. Temple bar, for instance, known as one of the most vibrant areas in Dublin and for placing many popular pubs, is just walking distance from the ICOT College main building.


ICOT English Class

Our mission at ICOT is to guarantee the highest quality in terms of teaching and education, by using modern and efficient methods, and to provide the best cultural experience in order to lead our students to personal and academic achievements.

Discover a country steeped in history

Ireland is an increasingly popular destination for students of English from all over the world. Each year over 130,000 students come to Ireland to learn English. They say that visitors are in for a treat and that Irishpeople have a dark sense of humour, a welcoming nature, and the ability to have fun in boom or bust times.

Ireland’s history will blow your mind. From turbulent land wars to tragic famines, the country’s past is written all over the land with an exceptional variety of historical attractions, which are guaranteed to fascinate the visitor. The Irish culture has taken thousands of years to develop, so cherish every moment.

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