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“While I am studying At ICOT, I experienced many positive things. First of all, I started my course as an intermediate class. I met excellent Irish teacher. She was willing to help her students like checking student’s pronunciation, writing skills, grammar, etc. She was not the only teacher who wants to help students. Due to all teacher’s passion for teaching, I moved my class to upper, and finally, I finished my course as an advanced class. So if you want to improve your English, don’t hesitate to come to ICOT. All of their staff will help you checking your English level, finding a suitable class for you.”

Kim Tae Hong, Korean Student

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“I have learnt English at ICOT for about six months.I felt good impression that there were many friendly teachers and school staff.I took some examination such as FCE and TIE.It was a good point that I was able to prepare for the exam with my teachers and also consult with them.Occasionally there were some activities outside of our classroom because of good location near city centre.It was an excellent opportunity to get fresh air with classmates and to improve my verbal skill.”

Tomohiko Moritani, Japanese Student

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“It is good communication between the teacher and student, and it helps students to participate conversation in the discussion class. So it has the advantage of able to learn evenly with various class patterns. 
The school provides students with proper care and helps us to solve any questions or concerns immediately.”

Sora Park, Korean Student 



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