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ICOT News : Changes to Work hours of students in Ireland

As part of a package of reforms of the regulatory regime for international education, announced in September 2014 by the Ministers for Education & Skills and Justice and Equality, some changes have been made to the terms of the concession under which non-EEA students (holding Immigration Stamp 2) are permitted to work. Non-EEA students who […]

ICOT News : New rules for the Immigration Service

We have some great news for students in Ireland! A new online system for booking appointments for immigration registration at Burgh Quay (Dublin) will launch this autumn, between late August and September. If you register at an office outside Dublin, you will not need to use this system, but it will make the life of […]

Dublin Apps
7 great apps that will make your life in Dublin easier
Living in a different city could be hard at first, but here are some tips for newly or future residents of Dublin to make your life easier! Grab your mobile and download these apps: Dublin Bus/Luas One of the greatest apps out there for new residents is definitely Dublin Bus/Luas. You can search for bus/Luas [...]

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